Essay 2
Concept of this article is how blogs can tell/share the information quickly and precisely. Blog is a personal website where people can write any information, diary, news, or their opinions. They can upload both photos and videos and put them on the blog. Social media is a media such as photos and videos that is used in social networking websites. Examples of social websites are, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Blogging is to add and edit a new post on personal blog.

Area of impact that is involved in this article is Business and Employment. Disaster caused big impact on transportation and communication methods. Car, train, or bus, almost all of them are unable to use because of earthquake and Tsunami. A road is flooded or cracked, train rail had broken, and some transportation could be lost or broken during disaster.
Also during disaster, mediums that are used for communicating such as computer or phone including mobile phone and phone could be lost, broken or unable to work because of water. And Internet connection or phone lines are unable to use because lines are too clouded or building that send signal could be broke down. So people who are living in affected area have very limited or they don’t have any method of communication. And because of all transportation and communication method has stopped, business, employment, and daily life cannot run as usual. Such as factories they cannot transport or get products, since there are no transportations, office workers cannot go to work, or even building has collapse and companies no longer work properly.
There are some useful methods to tell what is happening in Japan. Such as this blog, it is telling a reader what is happening in Japan in live. Writer of the post writes time, and he uses some images to show what was happened in Japan.

Stakeholders that are involved in this article is editor, reader of the article, user of the social networking website, and people who are living in affected area in Japan.
Advantages of using blogs or social networking websites for getting information about disasters are they’re information are usually faster than any medias such as TV, newspaper, or radio. And sometimes, media sometimes hides information that could have negative impact on governments or some medias. But some information that are posted on blogs, or the other social media website could be reliable than medias.

Disadvantages of using social networking websites for getting information is some people could tell false information or rumor. Also some users could edit images or videos using graphic application such as photoshop, and then they could post it as true events that happened. And information that is posted on social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter has strong influence to people. If many people were saying false information as truth, it could influence other people that they don’t know anything and they would believe it even that information were wrong. Then that person could tell another person wrong information, and then it could spread around the world. Then those information could influence families or friends of people who are living in affected area, for example there is a web database called Google Person Finder, it is a database that stores many information about people. And function of this database is to find out about person if either he or she is alive or not. If user type in someone’s name, it will show whom the person are and if they are alive or not alive, and that information is written by someone. So it could tell or post wrong information. And families or friends believe that person is alive but actually he/she has died. Then if families or friends know truth, they could be sad, especially, for families. Google Person Finder could be a tool that can be inversion of privacy, because it post people’s general information to whole world.

As I said, posting someone’s information without that person’s permission, it could be inversion of privacy, also posting someone’s images or videos without person’s permission could be invasion of privacy. So people who upload images or videos should think about privacy policy before they upload. Some photos or videos could make viewer feel fear or disgust because some of them have terrible scenes in it. However, those pictures or videos are needed because there are many people that need information about what is happening during disaster. Also those pictures could tell to whole world what is happening during disasters.

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URL to blog

Use the following Essay Outline
  • Define the Concept (4 marks)
    • What is a blog?
    • What is social media
    • What is blogging?
    • Other?

  • Specific example and Area of Impact (4 marks)
    • Communication during a national disaster
    • Use of social media to connect and share the story
    • Social networking (AOI = home and leisure) OR is this AOI Govt and politics?

  • Stakeholders and Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Stakeholders
      • victims/bloggers (are these the same people?)
      • Govt and authorities
      • Reporters - news media
      • People/families outside of the disaster areas

    • Advantages
      • Communication wider via social media
      • Immediate updates and news
      • Inclusion of multimedia - text, pics, videos

    • Disadvantages
      • Is it accurate?
      • How biased is info?
      • Could be upsetting - too much info? very graphic pics
      • People's privacy invaded

    • Top 3-5 Ethical / Social issues
      • Privacy/anonymity
      • Security - related to govt/politics/policy
      • Digital citizenship
      • Intellectual property

  • A - Present an IT issue and the stakeholders (2 slides)
  • B - Tell us about the technology background (3 slides)
  • C - Examine the impact - positively and negatively, of the issue (4 slides)
  • D - Share a solution to the issue (4 slides)

About 15 in 15 project
This project is about choosing a article and read it, then write/analyze IT concept or Issue about the article in group. And present it through Illuminate but we had problem and some groups could not present their presentation.

About this essay
This essay is a individual essay based on group work.

Powerpoint that our group create

Criteria A
In this criteria, I'm going to write about IT issue and the stakeholders that are involved in this issue.

The issue of this article is communication methods and mediums that are used for communication such as computer or phone are unable to use during disaster such as earthquake or tsunami.

Some places that were affected by earthquake has limited access to technology and the internet. Because some places are not using technology as many as people that are living in center of city or they are using latest technology.

Earthquake have affected the internet connection and phone line. And some people who were living in affected area, lost or broke all medium of commutation such as phone or computer during disaster. Some people relied too much on technologies, and now, they don't have connection to anyone also they don't have fast communication methods.

Stakeholders that are involved in this issue is developer of technology, people that are living in affected area, families or friend that want to get contact with people that are living in affected area.

Criteria B
In this criteria, I'm going to write about technology background involved in this issue.

This article is talking about the technologies and tools that could be a help for people during disaster in the future.
This is a Link to the article.

One of the technology that are listed in this article is try to develop a map that looks similar to google map, but they try to make that map in high resolutions without using the internet or satellite. It named as Grassroots Mapping. The map shows the area/name of place and what people needed in that place. This map is used for gathering help and support from other country or other part of the Japan. And they can gather stuffs for people that are living affected area and supporter can gather stuff that people really needed. So this tool can reduce a case of a supporter send unnecessary stuff to people that need help.

Criteria C
In this topic, I'm going to write negative & positive impacts using these tools.

Advantages & disadvantages of using these tools involving main stakeholders
Stakeholders that are involved in this issue are developer of these tools and actual user of those tools. Especially, who are living in area that is been affected by earthquake and tsunami. Also, this issue involves volunteers who try to help other people that are living in affected area.

Advantages of using these tools
Through using these tools, people that are living in affected area can tell other people what they really needed, and people who wants to help can gather supports from themselves, the other countries, organizations or companies.

Basically, most of tools can not be used without the internet connection, phone line connection or medium for communication such as computer or phone. Some tools can be used through cellphone or phone line connection, but there is a possibility to people could lose or broke those mediums during disaster. And even the internet or phone line does not work because of disaster, and so many people want to know their family or friends are safe or not. Then there are too much telephone calls and the lines can not stand for too many calls and they are unable to use.

Criteria D
In this section, I'm going to write about solution for Criteria A.

Now, there is a not many solutions for this issue because these tools are still developing and they can not be used without the Internet connection. Also, there is not many mediums that works without the internet or phone line.

Solutions that I can think of are create medium such as computer or phone that have strong resistance to water and strong pressure. Another solution that I can think of is use old style communication such as letter or telegram, but this method is slow and there is a possibility of post office is unable to work because of disaster. One another solution is a to create new communication method. However this solution is hard to execute.

But these days, technology is developing rapidly. So in the future, there will be a technology or tools that could be work without any internet connection or phone line connection.

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