Non-IB ITGS Students Essay 2012

Students completing the ITGS course internally are asked to complete the following research and write a report.
Deadline: by April 13, 2012

Topic: E-Books in Education

You are to explore eBooks and eBook readers. Research the following areas:
  • Trends - what has happened in the past? what is happening now? what is likely to happen in the future?
  • Issues - what are the main issues concerning eBooks (this may be part of the sections below)
  • Hardware and software - what are the options for hardware? what are the software options? what file formats are supported?
  • eBook availability and purchase - how does this work? what does it cost?
  • Focus on the impact eBooks are having in education and discuss advantages and disadvantages of using eBooks (eg Kindle) instead of textbooks
  • Include an investigation of the impact on health - advantages and disadvantages
  • Include a section on the global impact - is access equal around the world? what are the digital divide implications?
  • Include at least 10, properly MLA cited, resources. Some of these should be news articles to support the ideas in your essay
  • Report length: up to 1500 words, not including bibliography. You are encouraged to include images and diagrams to support your ideas


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