AT&T hack exposes 19,000 identities


Hackersbroke into one of AT&T's computer systemsand accessed personal data on thousands of customers who used the carrier’sonline store. The credit card and personal information of over 19,000 customerswere stolen. The company had found several hours after the theft of data fromtheir server. They had later discovered that their website was vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting(XSS). AT & T also tookresponsibility of the whole thing as theirs so it was quite fair. They alsopaid for all costs after the credit card information was stolen and paid banksfor monitoring costs to track down the hackers using the credit cards. I thinkthat AT & T have made a mistake but have tried their best to ensure thesafety of their clients and to find out who hacked their server.

Possible Solutions:

  • Having a better website security team
  • Analyzing the website with software’s to make sure that it is safe
  • Making sure that there are no holes in the website for someone to hack into.
  • An automated check of AT&T’s website (using Acunetix WVS) could have prevented this attack and saved the company from denting its reputation and the subsequent loss of customer trust. Acunetix provides free audit to help companies determine the security of their websites

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