This question is about satellite comunication (20Marks)

A lonely boy Shawn has relied on broadband internet connection to Skype with his girlfriend, however in recent years broadband connection has become overly crowded and Shawn's Skype signal with his girlfriend started lagging. He decided to pay for internet satellite services, Shawn believed and expected satellite internet connection to be faster, more stable, and private.

1. Define Satellite Communication (2 marks):

2. Describe two social and ethical issues involved in using Satellite Internet connection for private internet connection (4 marks):

3. Explain two reasons why Satellite communication can benefit the communications industry (4 marks):

4. Shawn has relied on internet satellite services ever since, however Shawn had to pay an additional 100 us dollars for the internet satellite service. In a short paragraph write a summary about: to what extent has Satellite communication changed our lives? And how has this impacted our environment? (10 marks)

1.the use of artificial satellites to provide communication (1mark)links between various points on Earth (1mark)

2.Control and access of information (1mark)-Certain satellites restrict bandwidth and control internet access to different sectors (digital divide) OWTTE (1mark)


Privacy and misuse of data (1mark)Connection may be insecure, governments may use satellites as a form of internet surveillance, private networks/private phone lines OWTTE (1mark)


Hacking (1mark)Satellites may be hacked, hackers may gain access to confidential information databases etcOWTTE (1mark)


Copyright (1mark)Satellite Internet like broadband connection offers no filters unless enforced by law and/or government firewalls, data is vulnerable to theftOWTTE


Fraudulent data (1mark)(Reliability and integrity) Global Positioning Systems rely purely on satellite connection as means of tracking and positioning. Overload of users or connection problems may result in false positioning

3. Higher Bandwidth (1mark) Trans-atlantic cables can only offer 5 simultaneous phone calls while a satellite can offer 1000

OWTTE (1mark)


Accessible anywhere in the world (1mark) Standard phone or mobile phone calls require a telecommunication center to repute the signal into telephone cables, satellite phone avoids thisOWTTE (1mark)


The World Wide WebSatellite internet communication has offered faster connection speeds internationally in the world wide web, a single artificial satellite offers 200 times greater bandwidth compared to a trans atlantic cableOWTTE (1mark)


Strengthened telecommunication technologies (1mark) As satellites are deployed, technology advances providing faster, more reliable, higher bandwidth and more simultaneous uses for satellite technology. Higher demand for better telecommunications.OWTTE (1mark)

4.Points Include-Less uses of trans-atlantic cables-Faster WWW connection-Citizens are better connected wirelessly via satellites-Pushes the development of technology-Provided Global Services such as Global Position services…

Give Max 4 marks for listing pointsGive additional 4 marks for explaining the pointsGive further additional 1-2 marks for coherent use of ITGS terminology and coherent explanation


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