1.6 The Digital Divide and Equality of Access

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Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank
Nicholas Negroponte - One Laptop Per Child
Sugata Mitra - The Hole in the Wall - India

Research Questions

1. Define what computer literacy means and judge the minimum computer skills for the average person.
2. Provide statistical evidence to evaluate their country and school’s level of computer literacy.
3. Consider the cultural, political and economical factors involved in their country’s digital development and equality of access.
4. Reflect on the possible consequences of having or not having an adequate knowledge of computers in their future careers.
5. Propose and evaluate solutions to successfully bridge the digital divide, globally and nationally.

Past student essay:

Some countries are 'bridging the digital divide' by sending second hand computers to Africa. What impact is this having on the people in Africa? Is it a viable solution to the digital divide or just a way to relocate old technology? Is the same happening in Bangladesh?