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International School Dhaka News Letter
"ISD students in Apollo

By Nader Salam

Entering a new unit on Health and Technology, on September 10th, ISD’s Diploma ITGS class visited STS group’s “Apollo hospital” in order to learn more about the IT health systems in their hospital.
After being seated in one of their many conference rooms, Mr. Nazrul, Apollo’s IT manager began the lecture, which was accompanied by a slide show presentation, presenting various IT definitions, and explanations supporting how certain networking systems in Apollo work.
The class discussed various social and ethical issues regarding Apollo’s health system and customer privacy, and had learnt a lot regarding how hospitals across the globe have secure, online databases, allowing specific international medical centres around the globe to share their patient’s medical information, and health records with the patient’s permission of course.
The students had taken every opportunity to enquire upon both how, and to what purpose a specific IT system is put into place, and what they were planning for Apollo’s future in Bangladesh.
The visit to Apollo was extremely educating. One of their most useful pieces of information given to the class were examples of certain IT problems they had faced since their opening, and in detail explained how they had managed to solve them; which to a certain extent was important so the students could enhance their knowledge regarding IT problems. So if they were ever to approach problems similar to those of which were discussed they would know what to do.
Being the first field trip for the Diploma ITGS class, it was a complete success and enlightened the students in how IT is fitted into the real world, and it’s importance in human development."

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Recently we had visited Apollo Hospital, Dhaka to observe their use of technology in the treatment of patients or in the communication amongst the doctors. We are really thankful to Mr. Naserul Haider, the technology head of Apollo as he spent his valuable time discussing the progress of technology in the hospital. We came to know the following points from him as he told us about technology in the hospital:
  • For the first time in Dhaka a hospital is using CDs for X-Rays or some other report like CT Scan,instead of the traditional X-RAaysheets. The use of CDs in a really smart step as it saves money and the CD is really user friendly to carry.
  • All the reports and the database of the patients are online for future use.
  • Their vision is to make Apollo paperless, filmless and errorless.
  • They do not have a wireless network in the entire hospital as yet but are hoping to have that soon.
  • They provide wireless internet to their Deluxe Room patients.
  • All the nurses in the hospital have been instructed to feed an entry on their respective branch or floor's computer while giving a medicine or any kind of dose to the patient.
Above are some pictures which we took on our tour to their technology department, the pictures are of their TAC machines and radioactive treatment etc.