Paper 2 Collaboration

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Stage 1: Write a Paper 2 essay and email to the teacher responsible:

Lindsay -
Brookes -,
Churches -

Paper 2 Criteria Handout to download -

Use the following format for your essay:
A - presentation of the issue
The issue and stakeholder(s). Describe one social/ethical concern related to the IT system.
Describe the relationship of one primary stakeholder to the IT system.
B - IT background of the issue
The IT concepts and processes. Describe, step by step, how the IT system works.
Explain the relationship between the IT system and the social/ethical concern described in Criterion A.
C - The impacts of the issue
The impact of the social/ethical issue(s) on stakeholders. Evaluate the impact of the social/ethical issues on the relevant stakeholders.
D - A solution to problems arising from the issue
A solution to a problem arising from the article. Evaluate one solution that addresses at least one problem identified in Criterion C.

P2 -X - Pupil Fingerprinting - Brookes
  • Ye Eun
  • Shawn
  • Yae
  • Chen

P2-Y - Second Life - Lindsay
  • Bhargav
  • Violet
  • John

P2-Z - Wikipedia - Churches
  • Alic
  • Kae
  • Katherine