ITGS Project

NEW!! Update on deadlines
  • IB students
    • Product should be finished by Friday February 10
    • Documentation (Criterion A-G) and product to be handed to Mrs Lindsay by Wednesday February 29
  • Non-IB students
    • Product and documentation to Mrs Lindsay before the Spring break
    • Documentation: Criterion A, C, D, E and F only - You Do NOT need to use the IB forms for this

All information about the project is on the Inside ITGS Project wiki., including Introduction to Project Management
Here is the Syllabus from the IB document -

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Word Limits

The overall word limit for the project is 2,000; however, it is possible to complete the project in 1,500 words without a significant loss of quality.

Criterion A - Investigation and Consultation with Client (3)

  • Suggested words - Initial investigation of problem 200-250

Criterion B - Analysis (5)

  • Suggested words - Justification of proposed solution 250-350

Criterion C - Project Schedule (3)

Criterion D - Project Design (4)

Criterion E - Project Development (8)

  • Suggested words - Product development 750-1000

Criterion F - Product Evaluation and Future Product Development (4)

  • Suggested words - Product evaluation and future product development 300-400

Criterion G - Required Elements (3)

BISS Class of 2012

Students use the following personal links to share ideas and notes and progress related to Project development

Project_Ye Eun
Project Javier