3.1 Hardware


Assessment Tasks
  • Create a wiki page AND add this as a blog post on the Ning "Recommendations for Dr Zilber" for hardware she should purchase. Make sure you explain a laptop and a desktop and justify your choices
  • Discuss the IT in the News Hardware topic, "Solid State Disks are Doomed" Use the IT in the News template and write a blog post on the Ning. Respond to one other student's blog post. See NING DISCUSSION HERE - Direct link for News Item
  • Class Quiz - Fun quiz taken in class
  • Individual Class Presentation - Environmental impact of hardware - E-Waste
    • Research the environmental as well as social and ethical impact of hardware and obsolescence on society and the environment
    • Create a short presentation that contains these items:
      • A review of what happens to old hardware: why, who, where
      • Discussion about the impact on countries and people around the world of e-Waste
      • TWO current stories to do with e-Waste and environmental impact
    • Extra resources: Teach ICT e-Waste, Teach ICT Environment and ICT News,