Ergonews Assignment

Ergonomics Assignment
An article targeted for large businesses OR education and that explains (in more detail that in (2) above), compares and evaluates THREE different health issues arising from the use of computers in the workplace. As part of your overall evaluation, you should also suggest possible feasible solution(s) for each issue that must be put in place to prevent being sued by your employees, or your school community. One issue must be a health problem caused by poor ergonomics. You should identify the type of work that may be causing the health issue(s). All sources must be included in a bibliography.

300-500 - has to have at least 5 paragraphs - one for each issue with a reference, one to evaluate the issues and one about the solutions

When doing your personal research use the tag bissergo in Delicious so we can find each others research

Teach ICT Ergonomics information

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