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Social and Ethical Issues

(spreadsheets and databases)
  • privacy of information in different cultures
  • rights of individuals with respect to the storage of personal data
  • social consequences of outdated or incorrect data stored in databases
  • social consequences of the release of sensitive data stored in databases
  • legislation on access and use of database information in different countries
  • responsibility for the security of data stored in databases from different perspectives, eg the developer, the user and the management of an organization
  • accountability for the negative social effects caused by insecure databases
  • ethical issues related to the collection and use of personal data
  • ethical issues related to the selling of data stored in databases

Knowledge of Technology

Design and creation concepts:
  • Key terms: field, key field, record, search, query, sort, database management system, mail merge
  • Flat file database versus relational database
  • Paper files versus electronic files
  • Data redundancy and data integrity
  • Updating data
Storage and access concepts:
  • Data transfer between a database and a spreadsheet
  • Search and use of the Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT)
  • Data mining/data matching
Presentation concepts:
  • Report generation
  • Special purpose databases eg personal information managers, encyclopedias, library systems