Criterion E - Project/Product Development

The product is created using the information submitted in the requirements specification (criterion B),
project schedule (criterion C) and the product design (criterion D).

The student must present a list of the techniques used in the product at the start of this criterion.
A complex product is defined as one that includes at least three appropriate advanced techniques. The list
of techniques will be posted on the OCC annually.

A simple product cannot be awarded more than 4 marks for criterion E.
The information in the documentation linked to the development of the product must provide a detailed
account, using extended writing, to justify the following.
  • The structure of the product and why it is appropriate
  • The techniques used (see the list on the OCC), including screenshots, in the development of the product, and reasons why they are appropriate to it
  • Additional technical information, if appropriate, that will support the functionality of the product, such as web hosting or security information
  • Any reference material such as templates, program code, applets or other materials that have been used or modified must be acknowledged. Failure to do so will be considered a significant omission.

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