1. Define the term resource depletion. (2 marks)

Use of renewable resources and non-renewable resources beyond their rate of replacement within a region

2. Discuss two causes of resource depletion. (4 marks)

-Irrigation (1)
Irrigation needs water. Lots of irrigation needs lots of water. Over use of water can cause resource depletion of water. (1)

-Over population (1)
More amounts of resources are needed in order to manage the large number of people. (1)

-Mining for oils and minerals (1)
Minerals and oils are needed to provide humans with food, clothing, and housing and to continually upgrade the standard of living. Some minerals are renewable and some are not. (1)

-Technological and industrial development (1)
As the technology is developing, more and more resources are needed to fulfill the needs. For example, fossil fuels are needed more now because more computers are being developed than before. (1)

3. Examine two negative impacts of resource depletion as it applies to computer industry. (4 marks)

The resources available for the computer industry to use are coming short. Fossil fuels are likely to be extinct in 20 years. Without fossil fuels, computers cannot be made. Because of the scarcity of some resources, the computer industry will not be able to produce many computers in demand. The price of the computer will eventually rise. The company’s sale will decrease.

Resource depletion can cause increase in unemployment rate. Once no more computers can be made, due to the resource depletion, the computer industry may go bankrupt. People who used to work in the computer industry could become unemployed. They would have to find a new job.

4. To what extent does the increased use of mobile computing outweigh the concerns of resource depletion and e-waste? (10 marks)

Mobile computers have made people’s lives a lot convenient.
-Mobile computers are portable.
-You can take it anywhere
-People can get online anywhere with wireless Internet connection with just with laptops.
-Mobile computers are light so people can carry easily.
-People can work with motion using mobile computers. Don’t have to sit in particular place in a position.

However, there are disadvantages to using mobile computers.
-Mobile computers worn out more easily than desktop computers.
-Batteries start to last shorter in about a year.
-Takes longer time to boot, as it gets old.
-People are more likely to change laptop instead of recycling and replacing the pieces.
-This causes resource depletion since computer manufacturers have to make more computers for customer’s demand.
-This also leads to e-waste because most of the worn out computers just get thrown away, without being recycled.
-Thus, increase in use of mobile computers, such as laptops and smart phones, can be harmful for resource depletion.