About the ITGS Wiki

An approach to collaborative learning with ITGS

The aim of the ITGS wiki is to work collaboratively and create a knowledge base for the ITGS curriculum.The essence of a wiki is that all members are created equal therefore we can all contribute and edit each others contributions.

The following are wiki requirements for your assessment this year:
  • Each student is to make two edits to the ITGS wiki per week.
  • These are classified as a Significant Contribution and a Constructive Modification

Significant Contribution means ...
- Youcomplete a page that details a particular key term or topic of the course
- OR You include an original multimedia item (podcast, video) that adds an extradimension to the original page

Constructive Modification means ...
- You editsomeone else's work, not your own
- OR You might correct a significant error or several small errors
- OR Maybe you want to reorganize a page or the navigation from the home page
-OR Maybe you want to edit someone else's entry, not for content, but for the way it'swritten such as by adding some meaningful colour or graphics

The contributions will be assessed each week accordingto a 4-point rubric (0-3)
- Is the work accurate?
- Have relevant sources been included and acknowledged, including the use of hyperlinks? (Do not plagiarize anything! Acknowledge ALL non-original material)
- The overall quality of the presentation: How does it look? Are headings clear? Is the use of multimedia (image size, access to podcasts and videos) appropriate? Are hyperlinks working? Is it clear to read and understand?

Criteria and assessment requirements are modified from a blogposting by Darren Kuropatwa, April 29, 2006 found at http://adifference.blogspot.com/2006/04/wiki-solution-manuals.html