Automatic Teller Machine

Strand 2: 2.1 Business and Employment

Collaborative Assignment on ATMs is on Inside ITGS ATM wiki
Final Assessment

Social Issues and Themes Introduction

From Baase pg 21-24
Why do we use ATMs and online banking? Some positive aspects:
  • Convenient
  • Can check bank balance
  • Withdraw cash
  • Make other baking transactions 24/7
  • More accessible than our bank branch

Issues to consider:
  • Unemployment
  • Alienation and customer service
  • Crime
  • Loss of privacy
  • Errors


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ATMs – Good or Bad?


You are to write a paper entitled: ‘ATMs Good or Bad’

Background reading and Research

Revisit the ATMs How Stuff Works site at, review the section in Baase (section 1.2.1) and do some independent research*.
Review ATMs and issues with this


This should be word processed and presented as professionally as you can: title page, page numbering, bibliography and word count.
Your paper should cover the following:
  • What is an ATM?
  • Describe how an ATM works – you do not need to be too technical. Imagine your audience is a Year 7 class.
  • Using the framework from the PowerPoint Presentation, evaluate the issues* associated with the use of ATMs.
  • A properly cited bibliography that has:
    • At least one book reference (e.g. Baase)
    • At least one website reference
    • At least one newspaper or journal article about an ATM issue
  • Contribution from Shakila Sattar:

From the ITGS Guide, the definition of evaluate is:
Evaluate: Make an appraisal by weighing up the strengths and limitations of different evidence and arguments.

Additional Research

*For the unemployment issue, you should consider the following:
Baase quotes “In 1983, 480,000 people worked as bank tellers. By 1993, there were only 301,000 tellers”.
On page 5, Baase explains that there are many more jobs involving the production, sale and use of computers that did not exist in the 1980s.
You should extend your research to find more up-to-date comparative statistics.

Assessment Rubric


Possible Marks
What an ATM is and how it works
Evaluation of at least 3 issues
Presentation of work